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Where do I settle down?

Where do I settle down?

We live in an expansive area, otherwise known Southern California. When it comes time to answer the questions: Where do I settle down or where do I purchase my home?

It’s common to feel overwhelmed. What is the best way to identify a specific neighborhood or even a town in this large metropolis that we call “home.”

There are a few questions to ask yourself, if this is something on your mind:

1) Where is my job located?

This is an important question, because few of us enjoy long, treacherous drives. The bottom line is that most people do not want to sit in traffic for 1 to 2 hours a day to get to work and then drive back home. I mean really, isn’t the whole point to be able to enjoy the home?

2) Where do my friends and family live?

We all know that it can be a challenge to make time for friends and family, especially with our busy work and personal schedules. For this reason, ask yourself if is it important to be in close proximity to the people with whom you want to spend your free time.

3) Where do you spend most of your recreational time?

Aside from the time you spend with friends and family, do you have hobbies or specific recreational activities that are important to you? For example if you prefer to spend your “fun time” doing ocean or mountain activities, would it make more sense to live closer to these areas?

If you can answer the above questions and are able to identify a location that meets the criteria, or at least facilitates a balance between those key factors, then that answer is worth strong consideration.

We all need a balance of work, home, family and friends. So, if given the opportunity to strategize and identify what makes the most sense, we recommend that you do!



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